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Scanlation: ZILCH

I scanlated this a while ago, but forgot to post it up. Whoops.

Thanks to soranokumo for scanning.

FANDOM: Advent Children
PAIRING: Cloud+Aerith, Cloud+Tifa, Sephiroth/Cloud
GENRE: Mostly gen, serious


NOTE: Yes, I intend on doing the second and third volumes as well, seeing as they're Sephiroth/Cloud and really hot.

PS: A bunch of doujinshi for So Da Sexy can be found here. I'm still working on the site, but there should be enough there to keep you sated. Maybe.

DO NOT SHARE THESE AT AARINFANTASY. I like doing that myself.
SDS // Update

Because it's been asked many times...

Dear you all,

So Da Sexy WILL BE BACK. It's taking me a long fucking time, but I am working on it. But since I've got like... over 400 doujinshi now, I'm focusing on the scanned section at the moment, since it's the most important section EVAR, so hopefully it'll be up within the next month or by New Year's. And thanks to anriko whom you should all bow down and worship right now, its new home will be

Poll #1067063 OMGHENTAI

Should So Da Sexy have a hentai section?

Only if it's fucked up.

Thank you for participating and here's Collapse )


PS: This community now has tags!!11 Not many, though, and I'm too lazy to think of other ones so tell me what to add kthx.
FF7 - Barret // Weepy Uke


Yeah hi I'm the owner of this community.

Let's get to the point. Read the rules before posting. It's not hard. I'm going to revise them some time in the future because I think I sound like too much of a wiener, but yeah. Read them. Posts that don't fit will be deleted. I'm not gonna ban anyone for fucking up, though, 'cause it happens. Just sayin'.

Second, I'm a sucky maintainer on my own. I'm sure you guys have figured that out by now. So animekittysama is now maintainer #2 whether she likes it or not. I'm contemplating finding another mod, too, but I don't know if we'd even need one here at the moment, since the comm is slow, but we'll see.

Third, here's some not worksafe hentai with Tifa and a YinYang because I know all of you will find it extremely gross hot. Collapse )

Hot damn that's inappropriate for a public post.
KH - Leon // Damn Kids

Need more input.

Open question to everyone:

What kind of stuff do you guys want to see more of here?

Suggest whatever you want, whether it's something you enjoy and would like to see (a character, a pairing [not restricted to m/m, mind you], a kink, whatever), something that's just fucking weird and made you wonder if it's ever been done before... et cetera et cetera.

Comments are screened 'cause I want them to be.

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