Jen (jen0va99) wrote in sodasexy,


Yeah hi I'm the owner of this community.

Let's get to the point. Read the rules before posting. It's not hard. I'm going to revise them some time in the future because I think I sound like too much of a wiener, but yeah. Read them. Posts that don't fit will be deleted. I'm not gonna ban anyone for fucking up, though, 'cause it happens. Just sayin'.

Second, I'm a sucky maintainer on my own. I'm sure you guys have figured that out by now. So animekittysama is now maintainer #2 whether she likes it or not. I'm contemplating finding another mod, too, but I don't know if we'd even need one here at the moment, since the comm is slow, but we'll see.

Third, here's some not worksafe hentai with Tifa and a YinYang because I know all of you will find it extremely gross hot.

Hot damn that's inappropriate for a public post.
Tags: crack: omgwtf, type: hentai, warning: bestiality
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