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Need more input.

Open question to everyone:

What kind of stuff do you guys want to see more of here?

Suggest whatever you want, whether it's something you enjoy and would like to see (a character, a pairing [not restricted to m/m, mind you], a kink, whatever), something that's just fucking weird and made you wonder if it's ever been done before... et cetera et cetera.

Comments are screened 'cause I want them to be.

And I'll put a couple scans for the FFVIII fans here as well.

From a FFVII/FFVIII crossover book VS by Nehan Kakusei Teikoku/Tamaki Kirishima, a picture that I'm sure I've pimped more than necessary, now:

Image hosting by Photobucket

And this one... I actually scanned from a manga by Shushushu Sakurai called Otoko no Aishikata. It's the cover of a KirosxLaguna book, actually; she changed their names and snuck into the manga (along with a Setzer/Edgar doujin, a few FFVII shorts, and a MGS bit with Colonel Campbell and Raiden). The picture's sort of small because I scanned it a while ago and didn't save it any bigger. Whatever. You still get to see Ward throwing the anchor at Kiros' head so it's all good:

Image hosting by Photobucket
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