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This is a doujinshi scan community under the guise of an update log for So Da Sexy, yet another yaoi site dedicated to Final Fantasy VII and its gajillion different spinoffs, so basically it's a place where I can share a ton of images when I'm being too lazy to update my site, as well as announce site updates when I'm not.

And others can share, too!

Please keep in mind that this is a largely
YAOI-BASED COMMUNITY, but it will also have YURI and HENTAI content -- gen as well. So if smut isn't your cup of tea -- whether it be guy/guy, girl/girl, guy/girl in twos, threes, fours, whatever -- then don't bother staying and don't bother to complain. You'll look like a wanker (and besides, no one really cares).

Another thing is, I have what you can call a morbid fascination when it comes to things one can consider gross, sick, wrong, what have you, so chances are there will also be
BESTIALITY, incest, and other squicky things posted here for you to cringe/gawk/laugh at. I don't condone the stuff, but since when was crack pr0n ever PC?



  • This is an adult-oriented community, so please be at least 16 before joining. O_o

  • No wanking allowed -- at least not the whiny kind that no one outside of fandom_wank likes. This means no trolling, no flamewars, no character-bashing or any of that other stupid shit. Don't be an asshole plzkthx.

  • Community and/or RP pimpage is a no-no. Go to se_rpgads for the latter.

  • This is not a community for fanart or digital doujinshi. Share scanned printed matter only, please.

  • Image posts are FRIENDS ONLY, so you'll have to join up to see them. Site announcements, on the other hand, will not be filtered.

  • If an image with a certain warning doesn't appeal to you, for God's sake DON'T CLICK ON IT.

  • While this community is mainly for FFVII, I'll probably also sneak in other Final Fantasy games (or maybe even Kingdom Hearts) stuff in, too.


  • In the tradition of other scan-sharing communities, we require order. =P All images, regardless of size, must be put underneath an LJ-cut.

  • If you do not have your own website, use Photobucket or some other photo-sharing service. Do not direct link from someone else's website or I will spank you!

  • Friends lock your image posts, please.

  • When posting, state:

    TITLE: (If applicable. Single pages/panels don't need this.)
    CIRCLE/ARTIST: (If known.)
    TYPE: Yaoi, yuri, het, hentai, gen; Gag, serious, crack...
    PAIRING/CHARACTERS: The more, the better. =P
    PAGES: # (from 1 to 15 scans per post, if direct linking. If you're just linking, go wild.)
    WARNINGS: Worksafe or Not worksafe; Content warning (nudity, sex, crossdressing, etc.)

    [The rest of your content (images, commentary, whatever), underneath an LJ-cut, goes here.]

    TERMS TO KNOW (learn it, live it, love it =P):

  • CRACK: To me, crack is either good or bad. The term's broad enough to span every doujinshi ever made, even if they're not lolz wacky. If you like something, it is crack. If something makes you laugh, it is crack. If something makes you stare for hours on end because it's so weird, it's crack. It's all allowed.

  • WORKSAFE: Images are safe for viewing around family and in a professional environment. They're just a little weird is all. Examples of worksafe content:

    GEN: No pairings (general), or friendship-based pairings.
    HET: Light Male/Female content.
    SHOUNEN-AI: Light Male/Male content.
    SHOUJO-AI: Light Female/Female content.
    CROSSDRESSING: You all know what this is.

  • NOT WORKSAFE: These may contain nudity, sex, violence, or various squick, meaning the images with such a warning are NOT safe for viewing around family or in a professional environment. Not worksafe content:

    YAOI: Male/Male sexual content.
    YURI: Female/Female sexual content.
    HENTAI: Male/Female sexual content.
    BESTIALITY: Sex with animals. ANY content like this requires a warning, no questions asked.
    SQUICK: Stuff one can consider gross, wrong, just... bad. Blood, violence... requires a warning.
    NON-CON: Non-concensual relationships (rape, stalking). Also requires a warning.

Et cetera.